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RPAS CivOps 2018

13 december 2017


RPAS CivOps 2018, the first drone conference subsequent to the publication of the Helsinki Declaration, will feature 40 presentations (in English) by speakers from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Spain and the United Kingdom, as well as from international organisations, the European Commission, European Union agencies, and inter-governmental organisations.

This event, which is being hosted by the DGAC, the French national aviation authority, will bring you up to date on:

1) The activities of the public/private drone-related partnerships in France, Germany, the Netherlands & Spain.
2) The opportunities for coordination & cooperation between these public/private drone-related partnerships.
3) All major European level regulatory-related activities.
4) The conclusions of EASA Notice of Proposed Amendment.
5) Propositions relative to pilot training & operator qualification.
6) Proposed policy guidelines.
7) Concepts of operation, best practices & lessons learned.
8) Matters concerning airspace integration & ATM/ATC/UTM/U-Space (ongoing & upcoming projects + lessons learned).
9) The relevance of & urgent requirement for drone standards & what the standards organisations are & are not doing (but should be doing).

If you are a current or future professional drone operator, this is the one event you should not miss. RPAS CivOps 2018 is the only event of its kind and offers exceptional networking opportunities. And yes, you can put questions directly to the speakers during the panel sessions – You are actually encouraged to do so.

See the updated RPAS CivOps 2018 conference programme (Abridged & Non-Abridged Editions) and decide if you can afford to not be present.

A significant amount of relevant background & reference documents is available to bring you up to speed. Register online. Conference seating is limited – Do not wait, register now.

For your convenience, a list of recommended hotels is available.

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